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Convenient, stress-free tutoring

Remote learning support enabling students to complete schoolwork

✓ Speak to an education professional for expert advice

✓ We allow our sessions to be flexible understanding how busy people are

✓ Small group lessons can also be arranged allowing students to learn with their classmates and stay connected

We specialize in delivering individualized, one-to-one instruction and small group instruction


Receive support with Remote Learning: students complete school-based tasks under the expert guidance of their tutor.

Alem Tutor focuses on delivering personalized tutoring by getting to know your child's specific needs and developing a program designed just for them.

Our online tutoring sessions allow students to focus on their specific areas of interest or concern and enable them to complete school-based tasks and upload them to the school platform.

Our tutors are highly experienced and passionate about teaching children. All our tutors have access to regular professional development training, helping them to discover new teaching strategies and resources.

As an educational provider, we believe in a holistic approach to tutoring and education, working with you, your child’s teachers, school and any other professionals such as Educational Psychologists and Speech Therapists.

Reach your goal step by step with Alem Tutor!