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In the usual English lesson, just meeting and talking with native speakers online is not enough to speak English fluently. This is because it is necessary to take a specialized teaching program that leads to passing teaching English certification and accumulate practical teaching experience. That’s why Alem Languages employs excellent instructors with the highest teaching training in the field.

Even if the teacher has an excellent English proficiency, but doesn’t have a major in English at the university, or has a short career as an English instructor, this teacher can not be recruited for Alem Languages. In addition, we believe that is important to have passion as an English teacher professional.

Alem Languages teachers also teach programs tailored to the needs of students who want to have fun learning English, such as elementary and junior high school students,, also “business,” “daily conversation,” in addition to the English exam preparation.

Just like sports and piano lessons, an everyday English conversation is the key for improving your coaching skills.
We would be happy if customers could choose an Alem Languages instructor to have fun and achieve their goals.