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Everyday there are new professions, mostly in the field of information technology, meanwhile other professions are losing relevance. The question of choosing a career arises. After all,  stability, professional growth and a good income in the future will depend on the right decision. IT takes an honorable place in the list of professions in high demand.

Our task is to transfer knowledge to future students by using advanced technologies, expertise, professionalism and experience of our team. Our company associates will help you to choose the course you need, taking into account individual requirements, and they will also give you advice on all the questions you may have. Our classrooms are equipped with modern equipment and all classes are held with the use of interactive boards, which makes the process of studying much easier. The best reasons for visiting us are high quality of training, favourable location and a developed infrastructure.


What does Alem IT pro offer?

- Practical training learning;

- the most suitable lesson time;

- in groups of 5 to 10 trainees;

- fully equipped and staffed computer rooms;

- convenient location;

- online/offline training mode.